College Esports Match Of The Week – Northwood VS Louisiana State

This week’s College Match Of The Week takes us to the CRL Spring 2021 Championships! The dominant Northwood University (17-1) was up against a scrappy Louisiana State University (13-5) squad, with a trip to the Grand Finals on the line.

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Game 1

As game 1 got underway, Northwood University was showing no intention of letting LSU get off to a strong start. Despite giving up a couple shot attempts, Northwood’s Buddy got the first goal of the game 1:48 into the match, un assisted. They kept the pressure up as well, scoring again just a minute later. This time, Buddy netted the goal while Noxes demo’d BrohnB. And the news just got worse for LSU after that, as Buddy netted the hat trick just over the bumper of BrohnB at 3:06 into the match. Ayjacks would score with 7 seconds left in the game to make the score-line a respectable 4-2, but Northwood takes game 1.

Game 2

Strong defense and goalkeeping were the story of the second game. No one really was given any space to maneuver, until Ayjacks found himself with the ball served up to him on a silver platter. He buried it for a 1-0 LSU lead at around the halfway mark. An overly aggressive play by Noxes gave Ayjacks another easy goal as Pirates wasn’t able to catch up. LSU takes game 2 with a 2-0 score.

Game 3

BrohnB lead off the scoring in game 3, skillfully weaving the ball on a long-carry through two Northwood defenders. At 2:16 elapsed, BrohnB gets LSU on the board. Ayjacks made an unbelievable save 20 seconds later, but it was all for naught as Noxes caught the rebound and buried it to tie the game at a goal a piece. Lohtek wouldn’t take it lying down though, getting a quick mid-air pass and draining it just 14 seconds later. Lohtek went from hero to goat then as Noxes sent a beautiful shot off the ceiling, that Lohtek tapped into the goal. The game went to overtime, and not just a little into overtime. Lohtek finally found the back of the net at 3:28 into overtime, giving LSU a 2-1 series lead.

Game 4

Lohtek seemed to feed off the excitement, as he would be the first to get his team on the board in game 4. 30 seconds into the match, he played a misread by Noxes into the net. With 14 seconds to go, Pirates made an amazing pass that Noxes managed to bury in the net and tie things up. Northwood nearly buried it as the time expired, but game 4 also ended in overtime. This time, BrohnB was the hero as he found the back of the net at +1:42. LSU leads 3-1 in the series.

Game 5

Northwood scores first in game five at 1:42 elapsed, as Noxes buries it in the net. LSU scores right back as Lohtek scores off the kickoff. Soulcrushing for Northwood University. That would be where the score remained as this game is going to a third straight overtime. Third verse same as the first however, as Lohtek once again buries the game winner. LSU takes the game 2-1, and gets the series to match point 4-1.

Game 6

With a chance at glory on the line, LSU came out firing. BrohnB got Louisiana State University on the board first at 1:50 elapsed. Ayjacks followed it up with another quick goal less than twenty seconds later, putting Northwood University on the ropes. When things looked most dire, Noxes stepped up and buried a goal to pull NU to within one. With just over two minutes left, Noxes put the team on their back and and cleared a second goal, tying the game at two. Apparently, the floodgates had opened as Pirates suddenly came alive and gave Northwood the lead 3-2. Ayjacks wasn’t content to go quietly, and with 19 seconds left in the game, tied it up at three. That’s where it would end as we head to a fourth consecutive overtime. Northwood was denied on scoring attempt after scoring attempt in overtime, and once again, sudden death would be the end of NU. BrohnB buried one in the net at +3:44 to seal the match and win Louisiana State university a trip to the National Championship Grand Finals!

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