Esports Scholarships Update: Catawba College

Catawba College is a private, non-profit educational institution located in Salisbury, New York,
which has a varsity esports program and offers scholarships. The esports program at Catawba
College started in 2019 after two years of planning involving multiple gamers from different
departments, including the Students’ Affairs, Human Resources, and the Provost.
The varsity esports program at Catawba College currently offers the following three esports
● League of Legends
● Rocket League
● Overwatch
The Catawba College esports program currently offers scholarships for all three gaming titles.
Interested students are allowed to apply for an esports scholarship.

Financial Aid for Esports at Catawba College

The annual fee for attending a 4-year graduation program at Catawba College is $30,250.
Scholarships and other financial aid programs can help students pay for their tuition while
representing the institution at the collegiate and national esports platforms.
The scholarships offered to potential esports recruits are skill-based, and all students have to
appear for tryouts to qualify for an esports scholarship. Tryouts for varsity teams are held at the
start of each academic year. The scholarships start from $2,000 onwards for each player, and
the amount can increase according to the academic performance of the student.
Each recipient has to meet a minimum academic and athletic criteria to continue his/her annual
scholarship. Although esports is held in high regard, the college puts academics and education
as the main focus for all the students.

Other Esports Opportunities

Aside from its varsity esports program, Catawba College also offers club-styled gaming for
students interested in casual gaming. The club games include popular names like Mario Kart
and Dungeons & Dragons. Club gamers have free access to the esports gaming facility, except
for varsity training sessions or competitions.
Additionally, the college has plans in place for a potential esports BA program. The program
was expected to launch this year but got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once things
improve, Catawba College will launch its esports bachelor’s program for students interested in
concentrating on esports as an intersection with their academic careers.

You can read more about the college and its esports program at Looking for Group. Visit the
official website of the college here for more information on the scholarships and the curriculum.
For more news on esports, please visit the official website of the Catawba Indians here.

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