One of the only collegiate brackets for NBA 2k finished up this week and what we got was a hell of a match up. In the Cxmmunity HBCU Esports League, vSportss of Claflin went up against ET4KC of Johnson C. Smith University. The series may have started as a rout, but vSportss, made sure that there was going to be a lot to remember about this game.

Torrid Start

2k has a habit of playing out very closely to its real life basketball counterpart. At a high level, games can come down to ball movement, shot selection and big defensive rebounds. This final had all of that in spades. In the first game however, ET4KC dominated on both ends of the floor. He was particularly good at coming off the dribble and converting high percentage shots. Playing ass Toronto, ET4KC got Kyle Lowry off the mark quickly. The first game ended 57-32 in favor of ET4KC and vSportss already looked to be in a spot of trouble.

With the series on the line, Claflin contender was backed up against the wall. Another loss and he would lose the chip. So he did what any smart NBA 2K 21 player would do and picked Brooklyn.

Heart Of A Champion

Claflin’s vSportss needed to get off to a good start in Game 2 but the game was hard fought. Defending would be the name of this one, but once Kevin Durant going ET4KC had trouble keeping up. Even though the game was low-scoring, vSportss and Brooklyn were able to get out to a double digit lead in the 4th quarter. The glug fest of a basketball game came to a close with vSportss winning 47-36.

With the stage now set for the reverse sweep, all vSportss had to do was maintain his momentum. But he did so much more than that. picking a powerhouse Philly team, vSportss dominated Game 3. At nearly every position vSportss pressured ET4KC into taking terrible shots or driving to the rim into Joel Embiid. The transition offense saw Claflin pull ahead to a 14-29 lead at the half. The third quarter saw more of the same type of domination and eventually vSportss would win out 38-58.

The win makes vSportss the inaugural HBCU Esports League Champion and the first ever national esports champion for Claflin University.