College Esports Match Of The Week: University of North Texas vs Dallas

This week’s match of the week takes us to the western conference of CRL Spring 2021. We’ve got a Lone-Star showdown this week as University of North Texas takes on University of Texas – Dallas! So how’d it go? Let’s dive in.

CRL Spring 2021 | League Play | Week 2 – RocketLeague on Twitch

RocketLeague went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Rocket League VOD now.

Game 1 – UNT Jumps Out To The Lead

Game 1 jumped right into the action with UNT’s dbanq scoring a goal at 58 seconds into the match. Sloppy defense by Dallas lead to an awesome double tap by dbanq, and a second goal for UNT. That seemed to wake Dallas up, as a great pass set Dalton up to get UTD on the board.

The action slowed down for the next couple minutes as both teams stepped it up defensively. The lull came to an end however as 2Fast made a stellar play coming off a demolition, to put UNT up 3-1. And that’s how it would end as UNT tightened up on defense and closed out the match.

Game 2 – More Trouble For Dallas

Dallas was looking to rebound going into game 2, but they tripped at the starting line. Just 14 seconds into the game, luciuhh snuck one in just off the bumper of lubey. A quick follow up goal by 2Fast put UNT up by 2 goals less than 1 minute into the game. I’ll remind you that Dallas has been one of the best defensive teams in the conference.

Two demolitions by dbanq opened the door for an off-the-ceiling goal by 2Fast in the early parts of the second minute. At just under the halfway mark of the game, 2Fast netted a hat trick with an uncontested shot. Up 4-0, UNT settled in to play some tough defense and took game 2 by a final score of 4-1.

Game 3 – Dallas Wakes Up

Not to be outdone by luciuhh in game two, game 3 saw dbanq score just 7 seconds into the game. This time, ghost quickly responded for UT-Dallas, evening the game up at 1. Luciuhh narrowly avoided an own-goal, only to rush down the field and score at 1:20 to put UNT up 2-1. Once again, ghost quickly responded, scoring the tying goal just 11 seconds later.

Getting into the third minute of the match, lubey scored to make it 3-2 and giving UT-Dallas their first lead of the series. A big save by luciuhh denied ghost his hat trick, and 2Fast made a great clear which turned into a goal. Going into the closing minutes, the game was tied 3-3.

At 4:09, dalton took a pass from ghost and blasted a goal for a 4-3 lead. 30 seconds later, dalton returned the favor with a beautiful touch pass to ghost for a 5-3 lead and their first game of the match.

Game 4 –

While I’m sure UNT would have liked to score a goal in 4 seconds or less, this match got off to a slower start. UT-Dallas got on the board first at 1:18 thanks to lubey. From there, UNT did a stellar job of controlling boosts on the field and a less stellar job of actually making contact with the ball. 2Fast eventually did manage to sneak one past ghost with a double-jump to tie the game at 1.

Ghost appeared to take it personally however, as just 30 seconds later he made a pixel perfect shot from the corner to put UT-Dallas back on top. With just 40 seconds left in the game, dbanq made the play of the night as he dribbled the ball through the defense and escorted it right into the net.

The game seemed destined for overtime, but 2Fast and UNT had other plans. With just 4 seconds left on the clock, 2Fast found the net to give North Texas a 3-2 advantage. Dallas managed to keep the ball up for awhile, but eventually the game ended with UNT on top.

University of North Texas wins the series 3-1!

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