Esports Program Profile: Miami University

Miami University brings it all. Holding the title of the first Division I varsity esports program in the United States, the university also offers an Esports Club, a Smash Club (for Super Smash Bros), and a Fighter’s Guild (a competitive club for fighting titles). Miami University also offers a graduate and undergraduate certificate in Esports Management.

The earliest talks of an esports program at Miami University started due to the efforts of the student body. Due to the presence of multiple gaming clubs at the university, the environment was conducive to esports that placed the university in an ideal position to capitalize on the esports opportunity. The Program Director Glenn Platt attributes the success of the program to the fruitful grassroots student campaign.

Miami University offers both varsity and junior varsity esports programs. The JV program, known as the Hatchery, is a feeder program that provides JV recruits with opportunities to level up into the expanded varsity roster. The JV program at Miami University offers four titles, including NBA 2K, Fortnite, Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Going Big: The Miami University Esports Arena and a Winning Season

Miami University is investing millions of dollars into the new and expanded esports arena, which is set for a Fall 2021 launch. The improved gaming arena is expected to have two distinct divisions, one each for casual and competitive gaming. The new gaming arena will also have dedicated spaces for shoutcasting, broadcasting, console gaming, and competitive stage setup for esports tournaments.

In their most recent history of excellent esports performance, the RedHawks Varsity Overwatch team concluded their Esports Collegiate season with an unbroken 13-0 winning streak. 

Similarly, the Hearthstone team defeated Kent State University 3-0 in a recent varsity match. The win came after a series of Hearthstone wins against seasoned teams like Southern Illinois University, Concordia University, University of Delaware, and Yale University. 

Owing to its stellar track record over the years, the Miami University varsity esports program was placed at the top of the lists for best varsity esports programs, and best Hearthstone teams featured in Best Colleges 2020 and Hearthstone Collegiate 2021, respectively. The program was placed third on the list of best academic programs in Princeton Review 2018 and second on the list of best esports programs and facilities in Lineups 2020. 

Be a RedHawk!

Miami University offers one of the best varsity esports programs in the country with a healthy mix of competitive and club gaming. The student-centric program is ideal for young recruits who are looking for a highly active program to polish their skills while studying for a degree at one of the best educational institutions in the country. The program offers multiple esports academic and career opportunities for interested students.

You can learn more about Miami University and its esports program at its official listing on Looking for Group. Visit the official website of Miami State University here and read more about admissions and recruitment to the esports program at the official site of Miami Redhawks Varsity Esports.

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