What Is Loop Hero? How Do I Play Loop Hero? – TLDR

At first glance, Loop Hero looks like a game that could have come out all the way back in the ’80s on the earliest computers. However, don’t let the seemingly simple game fool you; Loop Hero is a game with deep mechanics, combining elements from deckbuilding games, dungeon building games, idle games, and even auto battler games.

This rougelite is different from its long-lost relative games Slay the Spire or Monster Train because Loop Hero is a game that doesn’t see you controlling your hero at all. The game is an auto battler, where the hero travels through a world that you create and design; make it easy, and you can survive, but if you want to grow strong enough to defeat the various bosses and get the best loot you can, you have to make a challenging path rife with plenty of enemies and progressively making it harder as you go.

In this video, we will answer: What is Loop Hero? How do I play Loop Hero? Is Loop Hero On The Switch?

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