A CS:GO Legend is benched from the team he has been anchoring for the past two years after G2 made the trade of the year and brought in a new superstar, and an unreleased weapons class in Apex Legends is leaked during a dev stream after the battle royale announces a HUGE upcoming limited time event, plus, FaZe Clan announce a Rainbow Six Siege roster ahead of the 2021 season.

G2 Bench CSGO Legend KennyS, Allowed to Pursue Other Orgs

It’s been a long time since KennyS hasn’t been a main part of top flight esports orgs competing in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but we are now in one of the few periods of the esport where KennyS wasn’t competing. Yesterday, G2 Esports announced the benching of the awp god, allowing him to pursue opportunities with other organizations, and it’s expected that a new home for him will be announced soon, but at the time of filming this, it hadn’t been revealed yet. This all follows the blockbuster trade of Niko from FaZe Clan to G2 late last year, as Niko was announced to be moving to a “hybrid” position on the G2 squad, playing both AWP’er and rifler for the team, whilc G2 also brought back former player Audric “JACKZ” Jug as a primary rifler.

Unreleased weapon type spotted in Apex Legends Chaos Theory dev stream

Apex Legends had a big day yesterday, after both the announcement of the upcoming Caustic Town Takeover event alongside Season 8 updates that include character buffs and plenty of changes to the game; but bigger than that, came the leak of a possible new weapons class in the game that some eagle eyed viewers were able to spy in the developer stream that Respawn put on to discuss the changes coming in the March 9th update

Faze Clan Announces Rainbow Six Siege Roster Ahead of Upcoming Season

FaZe Clan have struggled in Rainbow Six Siege for the past few years, struggling to grab a spot in the LATAM Semifinals last year, and have struggled in large events in recent memory. But with the 2021 season on the horizon, FaZe announced a roster that they are hoping will push them into contention for World Championships. They have built a roster that comprises world-class talent that includes “cameram4n”, “soulz1”, “cyb3r”, and “Bullet1”, all of whom claimed the titles of Brazillian Champions after winning the Brazil championship in 2020 for the esport. Also joining them will be “Astro”, joining “Cameram4n” as two of the five players in the entire WORLD who have been to every international event ever held for Rainbow Six Siege.