Elden Ring Trailer Leak – Gameplay Trailer & Possible Showcase Reveal

The much anticipated open-world souls-like game, Elden Rings has gained hype as a potential trailer leaked online with the word “Confidential” watermarked over the footage.

Broken into several short video pieces, Twitter users have been able to place together what seems to be an upcoming trailer including several moments of gameplay and gorgeous cinematics.

Rumors have been swirling that we could possibly see the trailer soon in an upcoming game showcase. But, this is all speculation, of course.

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After 630 days we have for the first time images of the game (if not fake)I’m so happy for us that Elend Ring finally exists!I hope he will be able to please everyoneThank you to those who have leaked! ❤#EldenRing gift, here are the 2 trailers in 720p pic.twitter.com/G1o9HPtFR4

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