Apex Legends Season 8 Launch & Updates, Facebook Gaming Cracks Down on Cheaters, TSM Leave Fortnite

Apex Legends launches Season 8 today, with the release of a new Legend and a return to the Kings Canyon map, and we’ll fill you in on everything new this season and what to expect when you log in. Plus, Facebook Gaming commits to stopping cheaters after a high profile streamer quits Warzone ENTIRELY after seeing a blatant cheater continue streaming on the platform. And, the esports org TSM exit Fortnite, and drop their entire roster.

Apex Legends Season 8 Launches With New Legend Today

Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem update is dropping on February 2, and there’s a lot of changes in the patch notes, but the biggest updates are obviously the introduction of a destroyed Kings Canyon map and the newest character to join the Apex Games, named Fuse. This is shaping up to be the biggest season yet for the battle royale, a sign that longtime fans are quite happy with the direction the game has taken over the past year and a half of updates provided by developer Respawn. The new competitive season will see a return of the previous map Kings Canyon, except this time, a large part of it has been destroyed by Fuse’s grand entrance to the games.

Popular YouTuber Vikkstar Quits Warzone Due to Facebook Gaming Cheater, Prompts Facebook Response

Facebook Gaming has come out strongly against cheaters on it’s platform after a massive YouTuber named Vikkstar released a video calling out the social media giant, and where he also swore off Warzone until a real anti cheat is instituted in the game. Facebook announced it will be taking steps to curb cheaters who not only cheat in game, but also people who broadcast themselves using those cheats or showing others how to also install or download these cheats. The response from Facebook was only prompted once Vikkstar took his grievances to his massive YouTube audience of over 7 million people, accusing the company of being complacent when it comes to cheaters on their platform

Team Solo Mid Exit Competitive Fortnite

TSM, arguably one of the largest esports organizations in the world, has announced it is exiting competitive Fortnite by releasing it’s three player roster that had been competing under the banner. They announced it in a tweet, saying, “Thank you for everything you contributed to TSM during your time with the org. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

This comes after many large name esports organizations quickly launched Fortnite competitive teams as the game become a cultural touchstone, but have cooled on the esport as prize pools have shrunk, and the competitive scene has yet to see a boost as large as the casual gaming interest in the game.

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