Jake Lyon Returns To The Houston Outlaws

The Houston Outlaws have made some big changes to their core roster and management team over the past year. Some familiar faces have left, either for new teams or different games. Some of them have made the switch to management roles and continue to work from behind the scenes to help the Outlaws succeed. They say once you’re an Outlaw, you’re always an Outlaw. At the end of the 2019 season fan favorite Jake Lyon stepped away from the team to pursue a place on the Overwatch League caster desk. For the 2021 season, fans rejoice, because Jake is putting the green back on.

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Once an Outlaw, always an Outlaw, right? #OutlawsNation help us welcome back @jakeow. 2021 is going to be insane. pic.twitter.com/UgdGtwWwCn

Jake Lyon spent the 2020 season looking in on the competition and casting the Overwatch League beside Andrew “ZP” Rush. But before that, he was one of the inaugural players on the original Houston Outlaws roster back in 2018. With his return to the team, he’s one of only two of the original players still with the organization. Matt Iorio, aka CoolMatt, became the General Manager of the Houston Outlaws last year.

CheckpointXP spoke to Jake about what this move back to the Outlaws means for him. “For me, 2020 was about resting and resetting. I know I for sure needed the break, I wasn’t ready to compete last season. But in this last year, I feel like I’ve changed so many aspects of my life. I’m in a position now mentally and emotionally that I actually really miss competition.”

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Jake Lyon (Jakerat) Returns to the Houston Outlaws | Overwatch League

Jake Lyon (Jakerat) returns to the Houston Outlaws roster. He talks with Robbie about what his new role within the Outlaws entails and whether or not we’ll s…

He will be taking on a new position in the organization as Director of Talent Development. This new position will see him working directly with Harsha and Junkbuck and also with individual players to help them grow and succeed as a team.

“What is interesting about my role now is that it’s a dual role. I’m going to be on the roster and if it makes sense for the strategy that the team needs me for, I’ll be more than happy to play.” He went on to explain he won’t be sitting passively on the bench with the mindset that he needs to get starting time. “I’m actually going to be working as a player development coach. What that means to me is that I’ll be making the team as strong as it can be whether I’m on the field of play or not.”

Matt Iorio, one of Jake’s original team members from the 2018 Houston Outlaws and current General Manager of the team had this to say about Jake’s return. “Jake’s passion, leadership, and magnetic personality will reinvigorate the Outlaws and elevate the team to new heights in 2021 and beyond. His skill set as a veteran competitor will prove invaluable to developing our new roster into one that can meet its maximum potential and fully focus on winning.”

“We are excited to have Jake returning to the Outlaws in an expanded role as Coach, Player, and Brand Ambassador. His leadership, analytical and competitive skills combined with his charisma, business savvy, and fanbase make him the perfect and final addition to our 2021 bench,” said Lori Burgess, COO, Beasley Esports. “Once an Outlaw…always an Outlaw, in my book!”

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