Even though World’s are over that doesn’t mean that League of Legends is over. And in its quest to search for brands to help elevate their causes, Riot Games found another partner. The personal finance app, SoFi, joins the esports titan to support two events centered around young talent in North America. Sofi and Riot Games hope to elevate the status of the Scouting Grounds event which features some of the top college talents. Also, there’s a new event that combines both sides of the League client with Teamfight Tactics coming into the mix.

Cash For The Kids

The North American division of pro-League, the LCS, is starved for new talent. And it finally seems that some of that might come from the college divisions. For the 2020 LCS Proving Grounds, a combine of sorts for unsigned players, numerous college players made the cut. Aiden “Niles” Tidwell, Ethan “Iconic” Wilkinson, and Jordan “Shady” Robinson from Maryville University all find themselves qualified for the festivities coming this month.

SoFi and Riot Games are providing a bit of extra cheddar for their proving grounds contestants as well. The app is giving away a $250 primary investment account for just being there. And the company will also sponsor the “SoFi Money Moves” reply and Most Improved Player segments during the broadcast.

College TFT?!

The collaboration continues for the SoFi Meta Melee directly after Scouting Grounds completes. The hybrid tournament features combine Summoner’s Rift (traditional 5 v 5), ARAM, and Teamfight Tactics.

Starting Friday, November 20 the series will include tournaments across three games/game modes, over the course of four weeks:

  • Week 1: League of Legends – ARAM Friday ($5K prize pot), Teamfight Tactics ($5K prize pot)
  • 2: League of Legends – ARAM Friday ($5K prize pot) and Summoner’s Rift ($5K prize pot)
  • 3: League of  Legends – Summoner’s Rift ($1,250 prize pot), Teamfight Tactics ($10K prize pot)
  • 4: League of Legends – ARAM Friday ($1,250 prize pot) and Summoner’s Rift ($10K prize pot) 

Anyone of college age looking to get some extra cash for next semester can sign up through Nerd St. Gamers!


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