During Checkpoint XP On Campus last week, we previewed a major event that could change the face of College Esports. The Esports Combine aims to get high school students from across the country in front of college scouts. It’s not wholly unlike not unlike what the NFL/NBA does for college kids going pro. One of the biggest questions looming over esports right now is how do we replace talent. As it stands, the first wave of American esports stars is entering their late 20’s and early 30’s. Esports organizations and college teams need systems in place to replenish their ranks. The GYO Esports Combine is looking to become a major part of that process.

Getting the (Right) Info

GYO, a gaming data aggregation firm, is spearheading the Combine. Together with Super League Gaming, they are trying to put together an event that both coaches and players can get value from. Shawn Smith, Chief Product Officer for GYO, joined us on CPOC to talk more in-depth about the combine. But, we were most curious about how GYO was going to help coaches get data on the best players.

It’s kind of like a college fair in that regard where we want you to be able to rapid-fire meet with, we expect between 50 to 100 universities.[…] And then the combined portion itself is about you creating a profile around your game, play around your history, and then you’re going to compete in a handful of curated matches.

And what I mean by that is if we go and we download all of your League Of Legends history, for example, that’s going to include some games where you are really dialed in and focused[…] But it also includes a lot of garbage games that maybe you are trying a new character. You are messing around.[…]That’s not going to be your best games. And with all that data all completely mixed together, it’s impossible to tell the difference. So what we’re doing is we’re creating this Combine model where you turn on your video and you’re recording your game tape and whatever happens, happens during that match. But you’re on like the spotlight’s on you. Show us what you got. And that’s the video they get submit.

Shawn Smith, GYO Chief Product Officer on the Combine Format.

The videos that Smith described above are also coupled with meetings with coaches, scouting reports, and other resources for students. Those who purchase a premium package get special one-on-one meetings with coaches, and other perks. But even the free options include some sort of access to coaches and other college esports administrators. All in all, it sounds like something that should have been going on months ago.

Can I Watch The Combine?

The Esports Combine runs from October 16th-18th. To register head over to combine.gg. And to watch slide over to the Super League Gaming Twitch Channel.


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