Xbox Series X & S Preorders a DISASTER, Valorant Coming to Mobile? and New Smash DLC Fighter Release

Another console launch, another preorder disaster that shows more consoles in the hands of scalpers on eBay than in the hands of people who actually wanted to keep them, so good luck getting a new Xbox Series S or X out there. Plus, a new patch leak for Valorant reveals a possible update on a mobile version coming in the future? And, a Japanese Smash Ultimate ad hinted at the latest DLC Fighter to be released soon, so who could it be?

Xbox Series S and X Preorders a Disaster

If there is one thing console fanboys can now agree on between Xbox and Playstation, it’s that the new preorders for both next gen systems has gone EXTREMELY poorly. With the launch of both consoles coming soon, the next gen systems are getting their first look in people’s online shopping carts. Playstation dropped the ball when they announced the price and release date, and had people hitting up clueless retailers about getting their short stocked supply. But, today was supposed to be a different day! Xbox preorders went live the morning of this recording, and if you were to check Twitter, maybe ten people got them, but hey, that’s the new age of consoles, am I right?

Valorant Patch leak reveals update on mobile version

Valorant, when it was developed, was created by Riot as a game that is SPECIALIZED to run on PC. With it’s homegrown anti-cheat called Vanguard, it was seemingly targeted to do one specific thing well, and that’s run on PC. But, money is hard to ignore, especially with the oversized interest Valorant has received, including it’s unheralded response in places like India and Malaysia that also have massive mobile gaming scenes.

Japanese Smash Ultimate ad hints Smash DLC Fighter will be released soon

7-11 isn’t known for breaking video game news, but hey, 2020 has been nothing short of insane to begin with. Sunday saw Twitter users circulating a picture of an advertisement for the Smash Ultimate DLC, and that’s usually been known to be the forebearer of a DLC announcement. Corporations aren’t publishing ads on rumors they found on an FAQ site.

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