Valorant, when it was developed, was created by Riot as a game that is specialized to run on PC. With its homegrown anti-cheat called Vanguard, it was seemingly targeted to do one specific thing well, and that’s run on PC. But, money is hard to ignore, especially with the oversized interest Valorant has received, including its unheralded response in places like India and Malaysia that also have massive mobile gaming scenes.

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Another console launch, another pre-order disaster that shows more consoles in the hands of scalpers on eBay than in the hands of people who actually wanted to keep them, so good luck getting a new Xbox Series S or X out there. Plus, a new patch leak for Valorant reveals a possible update on a mobile version coming in the future? And, a Japanese Smash Ultimate ad hinted at the latest DLC Fighter to be released soon, so who could it be?

And that’s why when Riot has stated in the past that they are “exploring” the option of porting the game to a mobile experience, it’s not been a large surprise, especially since no concrete details were given meaning that it could just be a big old rumor. 

But now, we have something more concrete: to be transparent, it’s only some code found in the latest patch 1.08 that just released, but it’s a fairly specific line of code. It references performing an action in the game by tapping on the right-hand side of a “screen”, something you ‘should’ only be able to do on mobile. Again, this may not even signal that Riot ever WILL release a mobile version but if they are writing code on it, it could be a thing in the future. And again, the largest mobile audience is already locked in on Valorant, so it is a thing Riot has to be salivating over the possibility of. What do you think? Would you ever play Valorant on a mobile device, or, are you even crazier and would go from PC to mobile to play? Let us know on Twitter.


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