Xbox Series X and S Pre-orders Are a Disaster

If there is one thing console fanboys can now agree on between Xbox and PlayStation, it’s that the new pre-orders for both next-gen systems have gone extremely poorly. With the launch of both consoles coming soon, the next-gen systems are getting their first look in people’s online shopping carts. PlayStation dropped the ball when they announced the price and release date, and had people hitting up clueless retailers about getting their short stocked supply. But, today was supposed to be a different day! Xbox preorders went live the morning of this recording, and if you were to check Twitter, maybe ten people got them, but hey, that’s the new age of consoles, am I right?

Another console launch, another pre-order disaster that shows more consoles in the hands of scalpers on eBay than in the hands of people who actually wanted to keep them, so good luck getting a new Xbox Series S or X out there. Plus, a new patch leak for Valorant reveals a possible update on a mobile version coming in the future? And, a Japanese Smash Ultimate ad hinted at the latest DLC Fighter to be released soon, so who could it be?

Xbox Series X & S Preorders a DISASTER, Valorant Coming to Mobile? and New Smash DLC Fighter Release

Another console launch, another preorder disaster that shows more consoles in the hands of scalpers on eBay than in the hands of people who actually wanted t…

This isn’t just something that hit Microsoft. Sony had the same issues. The new NVIDIA card had the same issues. Online pre-orders and timed releases with limited stock have been a scalper’s wet dream on the issue as of the past few years, and it seems to only be getting worse. Even more so, couple this state of reality with the fact that some retailers like Walmart will not even be taking in-person pre-orders, and this is turning into a perfect storm the likes of which we haven’t seen since Jingle All The Way.

What can consumers do to try and not have problems like this? Even people like Geoff Keighley have had problems, with the Video Game Awards chief tweeting:

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My Xbox luck so far:- Microsoft store: Not working- Walmart: Added to cart, entered info, then told sold out- Target: Claims I have max quantity in cart but I have Zero- Best Buy: Says Coming Soon- GameStop: ???

Looks like we are all trapped on Mr. Bone’s Wild Ride, and I”m ready to get off now. Let me know when I can finally pay retail price for a next-gen console, and I’ll be the first one to stop in and pick it up.


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