The OWLs Nest is CheckpointXP’s official podcast for the Overwatch League. Every episode Robbie Landis is joined by Jake Lyon to discuss the latest league moves, matches, and more. With the Countdown Cup qualifiers done and the tournament underway, Robbie and Jake look back to that fateful match of the Summer Showdown. If the San Francisco Shock and the Paris Eternal go up against each other again, who comes out the victor this time?

Paris Rang Eternal

The last time the San Francisco Shock met the Paris Eternal was in the semi-finals for the Summer Showdown. It was one of the most intense matches of the season. The Eternal took the Shock all the way to a game five before earning the right to face the Philadelphia Fusion in the finals. The Eternal has been struggling all season long to separate themselves from the middle of the pack and prove they deserve to be at the top with the likes of the Shock, Fusion, and Mayhem. Their win over the Shock proved that, but they also had a few things going in their favor.

Shocked and Awed

Robbie and Jake discuss every angle about this potential finals match-up between the San Francisco Shock and the Paris Eternal. With Genji still being a dominant meta hero and Orisa and Ana back in the pools to enable him, which team has the edge? Jake breaks down each team role between the Tanks, the Damage, and the Support. Who comes out on top in the tank game? Which DPS can pull out the picks over the other? Which of the Support players will be there to prop up their team when it’s most needed? It’s going to be a tough match, but one that should go down in the history of the Overwatch League. If it happens at all.

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