Sentinels Close Out Team SoloMid in Valorant Summer Cup

Each week at CheckpointXP we bring you a moment in gaming that’s too close for comfort. This week we wipe the sweat from our brow after a nail biter of a game between the Sentinels and Team SoloMid at the 2020 Valorant Summer Cup grand finals.

There Can Be Only One

Several teams entered the qualifiers for the Valorant Summer Cup tournament, but from the start, it was clear that certain teams would be going home and specific teams would be advancing. Team SoloMid, Sentinels, Gen.G Esports, and Immortals — all longtime endemic teams, conquered their groups with 3-0 records. The Play-Off brackets were a little closer, but two teams continued to stand out. The Sentinels defeated Built by Gamers and Gen.G Esports in 2-0 sweeps. But, when they faced Sentinel’s lead by former San Francisco Shock star player and 2019 MVP Jay “Sinatraa” Won, they were the ones suffering the 2-0 defeat.

Team SoloMid would come back from losers bracket after defeating Gen.G Esports in a second 2-0 match. The Sentinels didn’t have as dominant of a performance leading up to their finals match. They beat the Renegades and Immortals but dropped a map to each of them. In the finals with Sentinels versus Team SoloMid, it was closer than it had been up to this point with Team SoloMid managing to take one map. But the Sentinel’s had the upper hand and took the victory for themselves, handing defeat once more to Team SoloMid and becoming champions of the Valorant Summer Cup.

TSM vs Sentinels game 3 – Grand Finals | 30Bomb Summer Cup 2020 | Valorant Tournament

TSM vs Sentinels game 3 – Grand Finals | 30Bomb Summer Cup 2020 | Valorant Tournamen30Bomb Summer Cup 2020 Valorant Game 1 awarded to Sentinels for winning t…

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