After exclaiming for years, it’s finally time for gamers to put their money where their mouth is, as the return of G4TV is nigh. The long deposed TV channel dedicated to gaming teased their return with a trailer that showed up during Comic-Con at Home, and instantly set the internet ablaze.


Joe Rogan trends on Twitter for telling his audience that video games are a waste of time causing Ninja, Dr. Lupo, & more to respond to him, G4TV returns from the grave and how they will impact the upcoming esports streaming war, and Nintendo has code for some of its BIGGEST games it’s ever made leaked and it confirms the BIGGEST rumor on the N64 was actually partly true!

G4TV Returns

Witness the moment that plenty of Attack of the Show fanboys had their heads explode as they saw this announcement:

It’s unclear what exactly this return will entail, but thus far, Twitter accounts for older G4 shows have been tweeting the trailer and have updated their bios to read “we never stopped playing.” Originally launched in 2002, most gamers are familiar with G4 (or it’s predecessor TechTV) as it was one of the only mainstream sources for video games until it stopped operations in 2014. Although it was effectively dead long before 2014, it still had plenty of Attack of the Show, X-Play with Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, and great coverage of E3 every year. 

As for exactly what this is going to be is still up for debate. My personal take? I expect it to be a very web-focused thing, with minimal at most actual TV production. Why? Because this is 2020, and G4 is not the only kid on the block with content creation on its mind. The recent launch of Venn is something that we will be covering closely, and while there is for sure enough room in the world to have multiple video game-focused streaming services and brands, it’s going to come to a head sooner or later. G4 is still being supported by its parent company Comcast and has not announced a roster or lineup of talent, and until then, it’s still a lot of guesses until more info comes out.


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