The OWLs Nest is CheckpointXP’s official podcast for the Overwatch League. Every episode Robbie Landis is joined by Jake Lyon to discuss the latest league moves, matches, and more. This episode Robbie and Jake take a look at the road to the Overwatch League Grand Finals. They talk about what teams have a chance to actually make it all the way.

The Overwatch League has released all the details for the road to the Grand Finals. Following the Countdown Cup Tournament, the post-season will commence in early September. Regardless of regular-season records, every team will have a chance to make it through the post-season. Higher seeded teams based on regular-season record will have a better chance and other advantages such as byes and opponent selection. The post-season starts with a single-elimination play-in tournament. From there both regions, NA and APAC, will then participate in a double-elimination tournament. That tournament will end with two finalists in both regions advancing.

These four finalists will proceed to play a double-elimination bracket with two teams advancing to the grand finals. In order to guarantee an even playing field, these four teams will go through a 14 day quarantine period in order to fly all of them to the same location. This will allow them to play off the same server to eliminate any lag or ping issues.

Robbie prepared a list of evenly matched teams and Jake gave his expert opinion on which of the two teams selected had the best chance of making it to the finals. Check out the video below to find out which teams he struggled to choose and which teams were a no brainer.

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