Every year since the rise of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, the battle royale genre’s been a stable of streamers everywhere. However, the transition to sustainable esport has yet to come for the genre. Fortnite and PUBG have seen some successful events but nothing’s shown staying power. Ubisoft is now throwing its hat into the BR realm with Hyper Scape, a futuristic battle royale set in a Parisian like city. While its not released yet, its technical test saw massive streaming numbers.


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But Can You Go Pro?

But with Riot’s Valorant setting itself up to be the next big esport, especially in college, can HyperScape even work? Battle Royales are notorious for being massive and hard to follow as an observer. So as people gear up for another major multiplayer release, Norris and Jacob discuss the games viability as a pro scene.

Jacob: For Battle Royale’s, they’re all designed to be really different. But also player sizes are a hundred people games. It’s much easier to have an esport when there are ten people on a match versus one hundred. And then there’s solos, duos, threes. Then there are so many different Metas. They all play different. Some build, some don’t, some are first-person, some are third-person. Some really suck, some are really fun. Right?! So, to find a correct way to organize it, you might use PlayVS, the way they organize are so different than, like, how PUB-G would organize.

Norris: So, you know, the biggest thing to me is that you hit the nail on the head with talking about the player size. There is no good way to watch one hundred people do anything. Not at all, period. There is no good way to do it. And so, unless you’re talking about smaller maps with smaller team sizes, I don’t know how you watch an esport that’s a battle royale.

Jacob & Norris on Battle Royale Esports


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