Gaming is having a moment right now. While we’ve covered some of the high profile cases that have emerged over the past week or two, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be slowing down any time soon. Over the weekend, more large names were implicated in the ongoing sexual assault allegations, with two of the largest being Call of Duty caster Momo and Super Smash legend Zero. Activision is now currently investigating the several claims made against “Momo” after a handful of women brought nearly a dozen cases of harassment or abuse from Momo in their pasts. Respect goes out to the many women, almost a dozen now, coming forward and presenting their cases, after initially going directly to Activision, the company responsible for publishing Call of Duty. Nothing was initially done after 7 women came to the company that employed Momo, but once the claims became public, Activision severed ties with the caster and says that the investigation is on-going.


More assault allegations surface and effect huge names in gaming in both the Smash communities but a caster for Call of Duty, a voice actor in The Last of Us 2 is now facing death threats alongside the Vice President of Naughty Dog, and a brush fire cut into one of the most important matches of Overwatch from this previous weekend’s Summer Showdown tournament.

But Call of Duty is not the only scene being rocked by allegations, as the Smash community is still reeling from many of its legends being consumed by controversy. Last week, I told you about many pedophiles in the Smash scene having relations with kids, some as young as 14, and this week seems to bring news that’s no different. Zero, a player who has participated in many EVO finals and brought the esport into a new mainstream light, has been “barred” according to his own words from attending more smash events on his own accord. This comes after it surfaced that Zero was sexually involved in harassing an underage female almost ten years his junior, and while he hasn’t competed in Smash events in a few years, he still attended as a spectator.

It’s good that this is happening. While some may cry cancel culture, sexual abusers and pedophiles have no place in the gaming community and deserve to be cast out. As I said earlier, I doubt that this will be the end of these kinds of stories in the coming weeks, but more than anything, this is a moment in gaming that needs to be embraced by gamers across the board to identify and remove harmful people from these social groups. 


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