Yesterday, Ubisoft officially revealed their newest free-to-play Battle Royale shooter: “Hyper Scape”. The team behind Rainbow Six Siege will now be joining the Battle Royale scene to try and attract players from other popular BR titles like Apex Legends and CoD Warzone. Some of the biggest streamers from xQc, Lirik, Tfue, Symphony, and Myth all jumped in and gave the game a try, and the numbers it is pulling on Twitch right now are DOMINANT. Taking a page from the success that Valorant saw during its Beta phase by only allowing access through a stream key that was dropped while watching other people stream the game on twitch, the numbers have BLOWN up to dominate Twitch favorites Fortnite and Warzone.


Evo Online has been canceled after multiple heinous accusations rock not only the director’s board but also the Smash Ultimate community as well. Plus, is the Hyper Scape hype real, and how can you get access to the game when it isn’t available to the public yet. And, Bethesda announces a new Fallout TV show being produced by the creators of Westworld.

Interestingly, some players are already frustrated with the game, as Hyper Scape currently has a proper practice range in it’s closed beta, something that the developers of this game have yet to implement in Rainbow Six Siege even though both games are running on the exact same engine. 

To get into the Hyper Scape beta, you have to link your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts and watch Hyper Scape streams with drops enabled. Find more information on Hyper Scape here.

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft/Hyper Scape


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