The OWLs Nest is CheckpointXP’s official podcast dedicated to the Overwatch League. Every episode Robbie Landis is joined by Jake Lyon to discuss the latest league moves, matches, and more. This episode Robbie and Jake discuss match between the San Francisco Shock and the Philadelphia Fusion. What led to the Shocks decisive win over the team at the top of the leader board.

Clash of the Titans

The Philadelphia Fusion and the San Francisco Shock are both top tier teams. They currently hold the 2nd and 3rd overall ranking in the league. The San Francisco Shock are the 2019 Champions and the Philadelphia Fusion were the runner ups in 2018. So far this season they’ve each lost over two matches (Counting this one). Both are stacked to the brim with amazing talent. Fans and analysts alike had been waiting all season for this match-up. What should have been a battle of epic proportions was instead a slaughter. The Shock would run away with a clean 3 and 0 sweep over the Fusion.

A Matter of Meta

Going into this match both of these teams should’ve been very evenly matched. But what contributed to the land slide victory of the San Francisco Shock over the Philadelphia Fusion? Jake Lyon thinks the difference comes down to the current meta. Both of these teams perform at a very high level and are able to execute just about any kind of team composition. But the Shock were just more comfortable on the double shield meta. The first two maps were no contest. By the time the Fusion caught their breath for map three it was too late. The Shock had asserted their dominance over the Fusion.

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