Warzone Updates Nerf MP5 Meta, Leave Pros Furious

Call of Duty Warzone has been in a pretty stagnant state for a while now, with broken spawns, poor servers, and more plaguing the game even after other updates have landed. But now, we find ourselves only a short period of time away from a 4.6 million dollar CoD champs event, the biggest one we are going to see this season and most likely the biggest one we are going to see this year, and for whatever reason, now is the time that a brand new update drops that blew the meta into the stratosphere. 


Popular streamer xQc went toe to toe with Ninja, his wife, AND his brother in law, and Alinity even gets trashed all at the same time, the newest Call of Duty update destroys the current meta and leaves pros furious, plus Riot devs remove one of only a few maps from Valorant due to cheating exploits!

xQc Vs Ninja, His Wife, and Brother, New CoD Warzone Update Destroys MP5 Meta, and Valorant Bans Map

Popular streamer xQc went toe to toe with Ninja, his wife, AND his brother in law, and Alinity even gets trashed all at the same time, the newest Call of Dut…

While Infinity Ward knew that there were issues with one of the guns in the game, the MP5, nothing was done until this latest update and it has made a lot of pros quite angry to be changing things so close to the big event. This doesn’t really leave a lot of time for new strategies to be developed, practice time on the current new patch to happen, or even how it’s going to be effected come tournament time, which as a quick reminder, is played ONLINE. Yikes.

Nobody seems to be OUTRAGED, but I understand their frustration. You get so close to a huge tournament, why are you making changes now? It seems like one of those no brainer decisions to just leave it broken if it’s been broken this entire time, but nope, now is the time they want to drop it, and even still without making changes to the broken M4!

The real question though is, was this change made because of the use of the MP5 in the battle royale mode, which would also obviously impact the other style that the pros play on. If they did, then who are they really catering to, the casual battle royale crowd or this big professional crowd that they have created. I guess time is going to tell, but you can see some of the biggest memes, because yes, pros seem to only communicate their rage in memes anymore, on our twitter at CheckpointXP

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