Our On Campus crew was able to get a hold of Zachary Snader of PlayVS. If you didn’t know, PlayVS is are one of the largest providers of high school esports in North America. They’ve created a massive infrastructure and the also raised TONS of money to help spread esports across the US. With all of their momentum, this year, they entered into the collegiate esports space with a Fortnite season.


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From The Man Himself…

Through the interview Zachary told us all about why PlayVS decided to enter the college space. We asked to Zachary about what kinds of colleges they had in the program and who was seeing success. Here is what he had to say.

Zach Snader: We had we had schools and we had everything from power 5 schools. We had the University of Alabama, Arizona State University, Illinois Tech, University of Central Florida, Florida State. And we had community colleges as well. Chandler Gilbert over in Arizona. They were one of our best competitors and our champion for the National Colligiate Fortnite championship, they were from Kirtland Community College and in Michigan. So, yeah, it’s a it’s a nursing community college. And there were two students from that program. I’ve been talking to the AD like they’re they’re not even ready to formally support esports yet, but they still had a team that signed up.

And yeah, I mean, we’re like we want to amplify those voices and show everyone that esports is not limited to a program that’s able to pump a ton of money into their program. Just because you can’t get a scholarship doesn’t mean that you can’t compete. Right. I went to graduate. Yeah. There’s a lot of people out there in the college space like that. So we just want to make sure they can play.

Snader on the types of schools involved in PlayVS

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