EA Play 2020: Hits & Misses

Keeping in line with their E3 events, EA shared its “EA Play” announcements online. We got a look at how the developer plans to sunset this generation and get start on the PS5 and Series X. The stream comes after EA made a massive commitment to social justice internally and externally. So with newfound goodwill, this is what EA shared with gamers about whats coming in the next year.

EA Play Live June 2020

EA Play Trailer Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLy6qvPKpdlWZiYUN3FoojJk79zhngGMeEA Play Live is an exciting showcase, hosted by Kinda Funny…

Total Hit, I’m In.

APEX Legends: Announced Lost Treasures event, starting June 23rd. The new event includes new treasure hunter themed skins and the “Armed & Dangerous” mode returns and adds a new mobile respawn item. Also, Apex is coming to the Switch and Steam. There’s also crossplay between all of them.

Star Wars Squadrons: We covered the announcement of this game earlier this week, but EA Play finally gave us a look at the game in motion. While its clearly using the current-gen Frostbite engine from Star Wars Battlefront 2. The game is coming out will full VR support at launch. And if you tell me VR isn’t made for this kind of game your’re crazy. The Customization options for the ships and pilots look robust and two of the same ship could feel totally different. In the stream, EA showed off the different modes for Squadrons all of which look to include much more detail and skill than the previous iterations of Star Wars games.

Star Wars: Squadrons – Official Gameplay Trailer

The second Death Star is gone, but starfighter pilots unite on both sides of the Galactic Civil War as it rages on in STAR WARS™: Squadrons: https://www.ea.c…

STEAM GAMES: Command & Conquer the RTS classic and all of its expansions are coming to Steam. Along side C & C, a few other games are coming to Steam. The SIMS 4, Dead Space 3, A Way Out and many more are porting over. This helps

Oh, That’s…Interesting.

The Sims: The Sims opened with a really interesting montage of gamers talking about how games helped them cope with life’s struggles. It was a very sobering video that followed with the announcement of Sims 4 porting over to Steam. It’s clear that EA is aware of how many gamers just prefer Steam to their bespoke

It Takes Two (2021): The new game from Hazelight the same, the maker of A Way Out. Slated for 2021, the game is a platformer based around the emotions of little girl’s dolls.

Lost in Random (2021): A Tim Burton-esque, claymation style single player adventure game where a girl and her pet die (yes, a walking die). Look to bring peace the world of Random.

I’d Need To Play It

Rocket Arena (July 14) : A rocket launcher- only shooter coming from Final Strike Games. Its clearly taking a lot of influence from Fortnite, Team Fortress and Overwatch. Each character has 100 levels of progression that unlocks cosmetics. It will support crossplay out of the box.


SKATE 4: Skate IS BACK! No footage. Way to take an amazing high and kick us in the gut. Massive missed opportunity.

EA Sports: Still using Frostbite engine. Sadface. No information of the improvements to the new Madden and FIFA games. All that was shown was a heavily stylized trailer that told us literally nothing about what could be coming next for the games. For the division that makes EA more money than any other, its absurd they would have nothing to show.

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