Valorant closed beta promotional image. Provided by Riot Games
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We’re all stuck at home due to COVID-19, and it’s not surprising that many streaming platforms are reaping the benefits of more people at home watching. So how come Mixer is struggling to grow? We also break down the launch of Riot’s newest game Valorant. Plus, you’ll never believe what Dafran is planning to do now that he’s retired from Overwatch. It’s dark days for Mixer on this episode of CheckpointXP On-Demand!

This week on Checkpoint XP:

  • (0:00) Every stream platform growing except Mixer
    • COVID-19 has us all scrambling for entertainment to watch while in quarantine. This has been to the benefit of many streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook Gaming? So why isn’t Mixer growing?
  • (12:00)  Valorant’s Launch
    • Valorant has officially launched, well ahead of schedule. And yet, the viewership numbers on Twitch aren’t telling a great story. What’s going on in the world of Valorant?
  • (23:58) Gaming companies supporting BLM
    • Protests against police brutality are happening all over the country. It’s no surprise that game developers are weighing in on the situation. Who’s handling it well and who isn’t?
  • (34:00) Dafran becoming a farmer?!
    • There are lots of career paths available to esports athletes when they hang up the sticks. From casting to streaming, there are plenty of options. But former Overwatch pro Dafran is trying something kinda new.
  • (43:50) RPG Character or Porn Star?
    • Kali joins us for a round of your new favorite game: RPG Character Name or Porn Star?
  • (55:50) Gaming and Esports News – 
  • (1:07:48) Patient Gamer – Skyrim
    • On this week’s edition of the Patient Gamer, Robbie introduces us to one of the most successful video games of all time in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • (1:17:49) Social Media Check-in
    • We check in with our social media followers to find out the story on how you got your gamer tag!

What’s new at Checkpoint XP?

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Check out last week’s episode here!

Lead Photo courtesy of Riot Games

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