Collegiate Clash Conclusion & The Tide Rolls In – CheckpointXP On Campus

The guys recap the Overwatch Collegiate Clash championship weekend and talk to Austin “CoolABC” Walch of Utah about their big win. We also bring in The University of Alabama’s esports student advisor to see what it’s like to place esports in a school where football is king. That and more on this week’s CheckpointXP On Campus.

Collegiate Clash Conclusion | CheckpointXP On Campus

This week on Checkpoint XP On Campus: The guys recap the Overwatch Collegiate Clash championship weekend and talk to Austin “CoolABC” Walch of Utah about the…

Utah Stands Tall

The championship weekend of the Overwatch Collegiate Clash went as expected. Eventually the two best teams in the bracket, Utah and UNLV battled in the grand finals. And, as expected, the Universtiy of Utah stands supreme in the end. We bring in Utah’s Austin “CoolABC” Walch to share his experiences of the tournament and also what makes Utah so damn good.

Rolling Esports Tide

Football is a religion in certain parts of America. So its hard to believe that esports could gain any traction in these areas. But Christopher Pollock of The University of Alabama joins us to inform us of the contrary. Esports is growing on Alabama’s campus and he explains to us how gaming can survive next to a football juggernaut.

What’s Older?

Our producer, WeirdBeard, comes down from on high to quiz the crew on their game knowledge. Team member, Kevin Kelly, comes in as back up as the team guesses which game series is older? Find out how they did in this episode!

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