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It’s a dark day for fans of the Vancouver Titans and former members of Team Runaway. A slow start to the season further crippled by the pandemic, has made things difficult for the team. This has led to the Vancouver Titans to release their roster. The last few weeks several members of the Vancouver Titans removed any mention of the team from their social media. Last week the team parted ways with tank player Hyeonwoo “JJANU” Choi and head coach Jisub “paJion” Hwang.

Today the Vancouver Titans announced they would be parting ways with the rest of their roster. This includes 2019 Rookie of the Year dps player Hyojong “Haksal” Kim. Chanhyung “Fissure” Baek came out of retirement as a main tank and is once again left without a team. The Titans had also picked up legendary Jehong “Ryujehong” Ryu from the Seoul Dynasty and formerly of Lunatic-Hai.

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A letter to our fans:

Tim Holloway, esports director of Aquilini Entertainment the Titans parent company said the issues of the Covid-19 Pandemic are what led to the departure of all the players and coaching staff. In the wake of the Vancouver Titans release of their roster, fans may be wondering whats next? According to ESPN, sources close to the team have said they plan on signing several members from the Contender’s team Second Wind.

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