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The UNLV Overwatch team was able to topple the imperious University of Utah in a close match last week. We talk to Julian “Slamtaro” Lugod about the big win. We also bring Aquinas College esports head coach, Adam Antor, about their high school Fortnite event and what it’s been like coaching remotely.


Julian “Slamtaro” Lugod & UNLV’s Giant Win

The UNLV Rebels took the battle to the Utes in the Overwatch Collegiate Cup this week. Utah won every weekly bracket they were in during the cup. With UNLV winning in the only week Utah didn’t play. We talk to UNLV player, Julian “Slamtaro” Lugod about how they were able to topple Utah and also which team could play the spoiler in the final weeks.

Aquinas College’s Adam Antor

Friend of the show and Aquinas College head coach Adam Antor joins us to talk Fortnite. The school is sponsoring the “Solo Showdown” for high school Fortnite players. While there are V-Bucks on the line for the victors, Coach Antor is also using the event to scout. So if you are a top high school player looking for a potential shot at a scholarship, this is your event! We also ask Coach Antor what its like to coach remotely with campus shut down.

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Attention all high school Fortnite players! We are hosting online solo competitions on Monday nights in May! V-Bucks are up for grabs! #Fortnite #FortniteCompetition Sponsored by @AQAdmissions Registration: https://t.co/Oh41KQieXS#SaintsMarchOn @AQSaints @AquinasCollege pic.twitter.com/dfVinLwaWr

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