Nailed It and Failed It: Elijah Wood and Chicago Huntsmen

Each week we bring you two moments, one of epic success, someone who absolutely nailed it! And another of an epic failure, someone who totally failed it. This week on Nailed It and Failed It we have legendary actor Elijah Wood and the Chicago Huntsmen from the Call of Duty League.

Nailed It: Elijah Wood in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing has taken the world by storm. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic has everyone self-isolating at home, this game for the Nintendo Switch has been on everyone’s mind. Everyone is building up their islands, inviting over their friends, and sharing their creations during the quarantine. One of the quickest ways in the game to make ‘Bells’ the currency of the island, is to sell turnips. Turnip prices vary from day to day and person to person. Most players who have high prices will share them on Twitter and allow other players to visit and sell.

One player had the surprise of the year as Elijah Wood himself reached out and asked permission to visit her island. He was very kind and gracious, complimenting her island. Elijah even practiced common courtesy and etiquette for the island, asking permission to pick flowers and fruit. He stayed around taking photos with her and her friends on her island.

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guys I tweeted my turnip prices and elijah wood just came to my island and hung out 😭😭😭😭😭 this is the best day in quarantine yet

Failed it: Chicago Huntsmen, Call of Duty League

Elijah Wood had a much better week than the Chicago Huntsmen. Despite being online, Chicago held its home series last weekend and it wound up being a tough time for the Huntsmen. Their final match in the series was against the Dallas Empire, whom they’ve beaten in each of their last 3 encounters. This time didn’t go so well. The Dallas Empire complete a dominant three-game sweep of the home-town Huntsmen and went on to win the tournament with a win over the Atlanta FaZe in the finals.

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Chicago @Huntsmen end their Home Series run after @DallasEmpire deliver a swift 3-0 series sweep to enter the Finals!#BuildAnEmpire | #CDL2020

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