Close Shave of the Week: Dallas Fuel, Overwatch League

Each week at CheckpointXP we bring you a moment in esports that’s too close for comfort. This week for CheckpointXP’s close shave we visit one of the biggest rivalries in the Overwatch League. The battle for Texas is always a nail biter between the Houston Outlaws and Dallas Fuel in Overwatch League.

The Dallas Fuel and the Houston Outlaws have a fiery history. In 2018 they faced each other three times throughout the season in what’s known as the Battle for Texas. The Houston Outlaws won each of those matches, but every one the Dallas Fuel got a little bit closer. In 2019 the Fuel were able to get their first win over the Houston Outlaws. That was also the only time they were able to play in 2019. The Houston Outlaws had to wait an entire year to attempt to reclaim Texas.

The Close Shave

Last week the two teams met on the battlefield and they both had something to prove to one another. Each of these teams had a rough start to their season but both were also on the rebound. A win for either one would propel further them up the standings. The Dallas Fuel took the first map on Ilios control point, but the Houston Outlaws fought back for the win on the second map. After the half they were 1 and 1 and going to Route 66’s payload map. The Dallas Fuel had an incredible defense and managed to hold the Houston Outlaws from capturing point A. Miraculously, the Houston Outlaws defense held the Dallas Fuel even further…well, nearly so.

As the overtime wick was burning down in the final team fight, the Fuel collapsed on Outlaw’s tank Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmont killing him almost instantly. The heartbreaking part is that Muma had his ultimate ability Primal Rage up and had he used it, he could’ve survived the onslaught and helped his team win the map. The Fuel ended up winning Route 66 and the match continued to game 4 and game 5 where the Fuel ultimately took home the win. Once against the Dallas Fuel prove they own Texas in the Overwatch League.

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The @DallasFuel sniff out an opportunity, and go the whole mile! 🛣#BurnBlue #OWL2020 ⛽

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