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Local game stores are an industry also hit hard these days by social distancing. Wizards of the Coast is looking to help out during the next couple weeks by making their Friday Night Magic program available through the PC version, Magic: The Gathering Arena. For the next couple weeks, players who miss hanging out at their game stores at night can log on at any point during Friday and play a few games for cards and then share a screenshot of them participating with the social media account of your favorite participating gaming store and they’ll give you a code to redeem in-game for digital cards and card sleeves.

Friday Night Magic Formats

Today you can play with pre-made decks, taking the deck building out of players’ hands, while the following Fridays will consist of formats including all cards and the fan-favorite Brawl format. While we all can’t wait to get back to sitting in uncomfortable chairs and getting bad shuffles on real cards this is a great way to keep your MtG skills sharp during Quarantine.

Written by: Chuck Bean101.1 WRIF Detroit
Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

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