This week sounds a little different on CheckpointXP as Ric a.k.a ‘Weirdbeard’ is in mandatory quarantine after possibly being exposed to COVID-19. Producer Kali fills in as the crew breaks down the latest in the world of esports and quarantines. They discuss the idea of paying girls to play video games with you, whether Gamestop is an essential business, and play another round of Name That Price. All of that on this week’s CheckpointXP!

This week on Checkpoint XP:

  • (0:00) Esports and COVID-19 – 
    • Esports has come back following a couple weeks away due to coronavirus. James and Robbie are joined by producer Kali to break down some of the latest in LCS and Overwatch League, as well as give a personal update on their life in quarantine.
  • (12:00)  E-Girls
    • Would you pay to play video games with a girl? Robbie shares a website he found where e-girls can charge to play video games one on one.
    • Afterwards, Kali goes through a few profiles to see if she can find the perfect match for Robbie and James.
  • (24:02) The Flood – 
    • Life in quarantine got hectic for Robbie over the weekend when he woke up the sound of water flooding into his apartment. 
  • (34:02) Gamestop
    • While they’ve since reversed course, Gamestop tried to leverage themselves as an essential business and stay open during the pandemic.
    • Plus, we go over which restaurants or businesses we wish could stay open during the lockdown.
  • (43:52) Name That Price
    • Kali’s found some weird items on craigslist, and it’s time to find out whether James or Robbie has the better sense of how much people are asking for their gaming gear. 
  • (55:50) Gaming and Esports News – 
  • (1:07:52) Checking in with Weirdbeard- 
    • Ric has been potentially exposed to COVID-19 and is under mandatory quarantine. We give him a call and check in our missing host.
  • (1:17:52) Shutdown Showdown
    • Kali was able to speak with Matt Jackson of UGC and Anthony Gaud of G3 Gaming to talk about the upcoming Shutdown Showdown. It’s a charity esports tournament benefiting No Kid Hungry.  Join the Fight HERE!

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