Fire up your coils, boot up your cyberdeck and jack in. Haxity will go online as Early Access on Steam 26th of May 2020 for $12.99. Join us in the gritty cyberpunk streets of Haxity, Draft, punch and hack your way through the city as you fight to survive in this roguelite deckbuilder card game.

Fight online, challenge your friends or terminate the AI. Slot, hack and execute, welcome to Haxity!

Haxity | Official Reveal Trailer 2019 | (PC)

Wishlist on Steam Today at: Haxity is a cyberpunk, roguelite, action deck-builder developed and published by…

Game Director Thomas Sørensen said

“As I started playing digital card games, I got really interested in how they work. I think it brings a whole new dimension to what you can do as opposed how card games traditionally works, and there is still a lot of unexplored potential there that I wanted to experiment with”

Haxity is designed as an early access game from the ground up. Our goal is to create a living card game with close ties to the community. This will allow us to have an open two-way communication on different design choices, be it new fighters, card balance, new mechanics or story elements.

Main features of ‘Haxity’:

■ Jack into the net and take the fight online in hefty online PvP matches: To our knowledge ‘Haxity’ may be the first-ever deck-builder PvP game…we’re doing all we can to make that fun and challenging.
■ Dynamic Deck building: Draft your cards, hacks and mods, and build powerful combos and synergies. Each fighter have tons of unique cards and playstyles to discover, mix and mash.
■ Procedurally generated city: Haxity is the city that never stops changing. Every new run is a different experience. Play with the hand you’re dealt, meeting other players in the same situation. Draft, adapt and overcome.
■ Card combat: A unique fast-paced combat system where you have to plan, respond, bluff and adapt to succeed, will you be the one to land the final blow?
■ Modifications and cybernetics: What would a cyberpunk world be without tons of customization options? Discover different mods and cybernetics during your journey to strengthen your fighter.
■ Rogue-lite campaign: Navigate the streets of Haxity in a rogue-lite cyberpunk run, see how far you can go in an ever-changing cityscape.
■ Friendly Versus: Just wanna hang out with a friend and crack some digital skulls? We got you covered! Fine-tune your deck in friendly matches.
■ Premium Gameplay: No cardpacks! No lootboxes! No pay-to-win! No BS!
Save the date, Haxity will be available as Early Access next 26th of May 2020 for $12.99