Jensen takes a moment after TL’s shocking 0-2 weekend Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games

The whole league has turned topsy-turvy with the kings known as Cloud 9 still at the top of the pile but the middle of the pack jumbled like never before. TSM surged with their two straight 2-0 weekends and Immortals quietly rose through the ranks with some tough wins. Team Liquid continues to struggle and their streak of Split championships is in serious danger. Check out how we rate everyone below!

1. Cloud 9

C9 continues to look imperious over the split. They still have the lowest average game time in the league and Zven is still murking folks left and right. But when Zven struggled against Dignitas another rose to the occasion. The true star of the week was C9’s jungler Blaber. In the game against Dig, he put up 7 kills and 6 assists. Against Flyquest he didn’t die and had assists in the double digits. C9’s ability to have a player step up when one of them is having an off game is second to none currently. There’s no way they aren’t favored to win the split already.

2. Immortals

Immortals vet jungler, Xmithie lead his team to a 2-0 weekend.
Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games

If you would have told me that Immortals would be the second best team at this stage of the Split, I would have looked at you crazy. But here they are sitting pretty at 4-2. Almost under the radar they’ve played some tough matches that could have easily gone the other way. In the match against CLG they were up against the ropes and could have thrown the game away at a big Baron fight. But as the frontliners brawled with CLG, Altec and Eika peeled off and stormed the CLG nexus. This major call was one of the first big brain plays of the split and saw Immortals claim a 2-0 weekend.

3. 100 Thieves

100 Thieves was the first team to truly take advantage of Team Liquid’s weak link. Meteos completely outplayed TL’s Shernfire in the jungle and lead 100T to a easy win. And although they dropped a game to Immortals they still looked solid as a squad. If there is a team who’s .500 record is a bit unfair to them I’d say its 100T.

4. Team Solo Mid

TSM’s Bjergsen waves to the crowd
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

TSM have righted the ship. There’s no other way to put it. Dardoch’s and Broken Blade really stepped up over the weekend with 17 kills between the two of them. Kobbe finally looks like he’s getting comfortable at TSM which helps them get ahead in lane, or at least not fall behind like they did in games previous. TSM had to make the most of the past two weeks, with their next games coming against Cloud 9 and Flyquest they could have found themselves floundering at the bottom of the table.

5. Dignitas

Dig had a bad weekend. But they can almost be forgiven for it. In one week they go against the unstoppable Cloud 9 and the ascendant TSM. It was against Dig where TSM was able to command the mid to late game, something they haven’t done against many opponents. Against C9 they were able to secure Zven’s first death of the season, but they were subsequently stomped by Blaber and Nisqy. With that said with 0-2 weekend, Dig is likely to bounce back against GG and 100T.

6. Flyquest

A team that had one of the better starts of the season finds itself wedged in the middle of the pack at 3-3. After being utterly dominated by C9, Flyquest looked to reverse their fortunes against Evil Geniuses. But Santorin saw himself competently outclassed by Svenskeren in the jungle and they end up dropping a game they were expected to win.

7. Golden Guardians

Closer After GG’s win over Team Liquid
Photo: Paul de Leon/Riot Games

GG’s only had one match this week and it was against Team Liquid. Conventional wisdom would have said this was a gimmie for the defending champions, but things didn’t pan out that way. In 30 minutes, they were able to down TL by simply fighting better. Closer’s final Lee Sin kick on DoubleLift sealed the win for GG’s and secured the win for his team.

8. Evil Geniuses

EG let CLG beat them so there’s no way can be higher than this. Simple as that.

9. Team Liquid

Remember last week when we said this was the worst that TL would probably look, we were wrong. TL was ABYSMAL against both 100T and Golden Guardians. It was easy to point the finger at Shernfire for not being up to the quality needed. However, in the match against GG, he was far and away the best player TL had on the Rift. Impact and Jensen had a rough go against Golden Guardians and Doublelift’s Senna pick is simply not working. Even with Broxah’s debut more than likely coming in week 4 TL’s title chances have gone up in smoke.

10. Counter Logic Gaming

This is a team that finished 4th in the Summer Split Finals last season. They were a win away from a birth at World’s 2019. Now, couldn’t look more sad. Even when they have looked on point they get tunnel vision and get back door-ed by Immortals. CLG look bottom of the barrel and don’t look like improving any time soon.