Blizzard Entertainment has announced that all matches set to take place in China have been postponed until March due to fears surrounding the Coronavirus.

The company took to Twitter Wednesday night to explain the decision:

This means a whopping 5 homestands and 17 matches will be postponed.

This isn’t the first decision to impact the Overwatch League surrounding the Coronavirus. Chinese Overwatch team the Guangzhou Charge moved their team to South Korea indefinitely followed by the Shanghai Dragons that they will also temporarily relocate their players to South Korea. Meanwhile the Chengdu Hunters have announced that they will keep their team in China but take precautions against the disease.

In other esports the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) and WESG’s Asia-Pacific Counter-Strike: Global Offensiuve tournament have been postponed and even Engligh language LPL casters have left China citing fear of the Coronavirus.

No word on when the impacted events will be rescheduled.