The New Semester Begins: CheckpointXP On Campus

The New Semester Begins – Season 2 of CheckpointXP On Campus

This week on CheckpointXP On Campus: Welcome to a new semester of CheckpointXP On Campus! We start the winter session off with news of a special esports scho…

It’s a new season of CheckpointXP: On Campus! With the crew getting back in the swing of things, here are the biggest updates this week when it comes to the world of collegiate esports…


The Entertainment Software Association, the organization that brings E3 to gamers every summer, is now joining in on the college esports rush by establishing a scholarship fund aimed to support women and minority students interested in getting established in collegiate esports. This marks the first time that the ESA has gotten involved, and made scholarship money available for esports specifically, in addition to expanding scholarships for Computer/Video Game Arts to include LGBTQ+ students as well. 

For more information on when deadlines are and where to apply, check out the new CheckpointXP: On Campus.


Collegiate LOL is getting ready to start back up again, which means Big Brain Jacob is back to break it all down for you on this week’s Checkpoint XP: On Campus. Additionally, Jacob also wrote a full column going a little more in-depth on all the changes to College LOL this year, as well as going further in detail on everything he talked about on the show!

Jacob drops knowledge left and right on this very website as well as within the confines of Checkpoint XP: On Campus!


In keeping with the previews for all the new college esports seasons starting back up, Daniel is taking a crack at Jacob’s job of being a big brain in trying to break everything down, and letting you know what to expect heading into this new season of Collegiate Rocket League. 

For Daniel’s breakdown and analysis, make sure you hit up the new episode of CheckpointXP: On Campus.

We’ll be back later this week with a brand new episode, and continue to watch this space for more coverage of college esports from CheckpointXP: On Campus!

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