Image provided by Team Critical Hit

En Masse Entertainment is pleased to announce that the wildly popular popori race has a new class on its way to TERA on console.

The popori brawlers are fuzzy fighters ready to take their fists and fury to the front lines of battle. Players can level a popori brawler from the ground up or use a Race Change Voucher to change an existing brawler from human or elin to popori. It’s as easy as that!

The popori brawler delivers some of the MMO genre’s most amazing moves, and with massive powerfists, they deliver punch-and-counter combos, embodying the fighting fury of all true brawlers. These new contenders are ready to (literally) beat down BAMs everywhere.

In addition to the new race-class combo, level 65 players also have new content to explore in the dungeon, Antaroth’s Abyss. Antaroth’s Abyss is a dungeon set in a unique prison built by ancient high elves. Players’ movements are tracked through the use of a monitoring system, which trigger shapeless guardians and various special devices designed to impede progress. Players will need to prepare for unusual combat maneuvers if they hope to be successful in defeating Ghergof, Lalioth, and Antaroth himself.

Antaroth’s Abyss 2  Antaroth’s Abyss 1

Last, but certainly not least, players will now discover conversion items that can change existing accessories into the new Abyssal items: The Abyssal Pendant, the Abyssal Earring, and the Abyssal Ring.