Image: Capcom

Monster Hunter World is one of Capcom’s top games of the paste few years. And fans on the PC were treated to the games new expansion, Iceborne, finally releasing on Steam. But the release hasn’t come without issues as players have taken to message boards to report that their save files were being erased.

According to multiple sources such as Steam Forums and Reddit, when booting up the game after installing Iceborne the save file check will not recognize any compatible data. If players create a new file it will overwrite their progress. One player claims to have lost 150 hours of gameplay. A cause for the bug has yet to be found, so players are pointing at a litany or potential causes. The game has had an update that modified save data, mods and the Steam Cloud itself have all be used as possible causes.

Capcom has yet to comment on the bug, but players are making sure they create duplicate files of their cloud data before attempting to begin the expansion.

Norris’ Saddened Opinion: This makes me super sad considering how well received MHW is. But a bug of this nature is unacceptable and truly devastating. I personally have spent upwards of 10-12 HOURS just farming materials for weapons in MHW. So losing all my data in that game would make it hard to ever pick it back up again and make the time investment. I feel for the players that lost data. So much.