TF Blade May Fill In For Missing Liquid Players

Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

With multiple players still unable to enter the country due to visa issues, Team Liquid is now exploring other options. The start of the 2020 spring split is only three weeks away, and coach Cain, academy player Shernfire, and starting jungler Broxah are all unable to enter the country. With no way to know when their visa issues will be resolved, Liquid is looking elsewhere for help.

TF Blade joined Team Liquid in 2018 as a streamer and content creator. Many people speculated that he may fill in, and that looks like it could be a possibility. He announced that he’ll be heading to Los Angeles, both for content and to potentially participate in the LCS. This would mark TF Blade’s first professional competition, and it would be with North America’s best.

Joe’s thoughts: Obviously, this is far from ideal. Not only is TF Blade a rookie as far as the LCS is concerned, he’s also a top laner. It’s unlikely they would ask him to flex to jungle, so someone else on the team may need to trade roles. Keep an eye on this situation. It would be a bummer to see Liquid finally lose a split because of visa issues.

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