Team Liquid Facing Visa Issues For New Players

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Team Liquid may be starting the season short-staffed unless they can get visa issues solved. Team Liquid owner Steve Arhancet broke the news on twitter that Broxah, Cain, and Shernfire were all held up in the visa process. He said, “We hope they all may be able to compete at the start of season, but that may not happen.”

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So this sucks, there are delays processing visas for Cain, Broxah and Shernfire. We hope they all may be able to compete at the start of season, but that may not happen. This has also affected our Jan team practice. We are evaluating backup options should they be required. 😢

While Shernfire’s absence should only affect Liquid’s academy team, the loss of Broxah and coach Cain are sure to be noticed. Cain’s absence will be most felt this month as Liquid begins practices and scrimmages to prepare for the upcoming season. Broxah meanwhile, is expected to be the starting jungler following Xmithie’s departure in the off-season. His delayed arrival could lead to a sluggish start for Liquid in the spring split as the team may still be in the processing of gelling.

Joe’s thoughts: While this is far from ideal, this should only be a temporary set back. Team Liquid was the most talented team in the region last split, and I see no reason why that shouldn’t be the case this season. They may get off to a slow start, but I would expect them to be right in the thick of contention for the spring split. That is, unless, this becomes a prolonged issue. If it’s mid-March and they still are playing without their coach and jungler, it could make for a difficult split for Liquid. I would hate to see their winning streak end because of visa problems.

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