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October saw the 17th-anniversary for legacy space strategy massively-multiplayer online game OGame and teased its biggest content yet.

On Friday, December 20, OGame 7.0 introduces exciting new content for players all over the world to explore.

For the first time, players can choose to play as three new classes, each with their own special bonuses. As collectors, players benefit from increased resource production and faster trading ships. The General class gives players faster combat ships and Recyclers. Discoverers will make faster progress researching technologies and enjoy improved results on expeditions, giving players an explorer’s edge.

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Image provided by Uber Strategist PR

Gameforge also launched three new class-specific ships to support each class. Collectors can pilot the Crawlers, which aids production in mines, while Generals can immediately collect a portion of debris fields after combat with the speedy Reapers. To facilitate their exploration, Discoverers can survey lost debris fields on expeditions with Pathfinders. And finally, OGame 7.0 introduces an all-new Marketplace where resources, items, and ships — including class-specific units — can be traded.

With so many new ways to explore and create your own galactic empire, there has never been a better time than today to jump into OGame. Anyone ready to take on the universe can sign up for free by signing up through the official Gameforge portal: