Photo Credit: The Forest by Endnight Games Ltd.

At the Game Awards 2019 there was a plethora of games that were announced with new trailers dropping one after another. One trailer in particular caught my attention when I would normally be hiding my face in my cat. Sons of the Forest is a sequel to the 2018 survival horror game The Forest. In the trailer a helicopter filled with soldiers crashes on a forested island filled with creepy, weird, what-the-hell-is-that monsters.

I’m not usually one for horror games. I have a weak will and a cowardly spirit and unless I’m hiding behind some kind of giant sword, mystical mage or machine gun, my idea of fun is not running in absolute terror. Over the years I’ve been talked into playing Outlast, holding onto batteries like security blankets knowing full well that weren’t going to protect me from anything. I even put a few hours into Resident Evil 7 in Virtual Reality. I stopped playing once I ran out of bullets and still half a morgue to explore. I nearly tried Alien Isolation but Steam had trouble installing it on my computer and I didn’t feel like trouble shooting.

Why then, if I’m so against playing horror games and I never watch horror movies, am I kind of intrigued by Sons of the Forest? I didn’t have any desire to play the 2018 game The Forest, of which Sons of the Forest is a sequel. There was just something about the trailer and the monsters that made me want to explore this world. Could it be there fact that the soldiers were actually given weapons? A thinly veiled attempt by the developers to say, “You can protect yourself, you’ll be alright…”. Maybe it’s the fact that none of the monsters out right attacked or jumped at the screen giving me a false sense of security. Sons of the Forest, at least in this trailer, seems less like the outright jump scare horror movies and games I’m normally terrified of. It looks more like a game inviting you to explore it’s haunted woods but be cautious of the creepy, multi-limb dancers and the eye-less huddled masses in the caves.

Against my better judgement, I really want to pick this up. The only real issue I have is that since it’s a sequel I feel compelled to play the first one. That runs of the risk of scaring me off from the sequel. The Forest was a non-linear exploration game, devoid of any direct missions. That’s not usually my cup of tea, I love a good narrative but I prefer to be strung along in the right direction instead of hoping to stumble across whatever the next clue is. The multiplayer aspect may be enough to replace that but then the real challenge comes in…trying to convince my girlfriend to play with me.

Sons of the Forest has yet to announce a release date.

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