Image courtesy of Renegades

Image courtesy of Renegades

This week, Renegades returned to the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They’ve returned to competition in time for this week’s ESL Pro League Season 10 after signing the former Grayhound Gaming roster. We got a chance to sit down with the new line-up and ask some questions.

What does it mean to you to be a Renegade?

Liam “Malta” Schembri – Renegades have cemented themselves as the top organization supporting Oceanic rosters and so it’s awesome have earned the opportunity to work for them.

Simon “Sico” Williams – Renegades has a storied history in cs and has built an aus legacy so it’s great to be a part of it and build into something greater – it’s larger than life

Christopher “Dexter” Nong – It means great things, basically a historic brand that we’re very proud to represent. Also has the backing that we need to go the next step and assist us in taking our level of counter strike to the next level

What should fans of Renegades know about you?

Oliver “Dick Stacy” Tierney – If you want to know anything, just message me on twitter @DickStacyy. I’m an open book.

Liam “Malta” Schembri – The plan is to keep the same identity we’ve had under the Grayhound brand so expect more of the same on the social front. Competitively we have some extra support now so we’re planning on becoming more internationally competitive and consistent.

Simon “Sico” Williams – I have a PhD in macro economics tailored in fiscal financial econometric policy for international government bodies

As you step up onto the international stage, what are you most looking forward to?

Joshua “INS” Potter – Looking forward to hopefully continuously competing internationally and getting opportunities to bootcamp before tournaments and grow individually and as a team and getting more big cheques.

Christopher “Dexter” Nong – I am definitely looking forward to the 2020 year, as we progress and are able to create new things, actually implement Renegades and their support into our network. It will give us space and time to really drive our level much higher then it currently is right now. 

Oliver “Dick Stacy” Tierney – Developing as a player and enjoying the journey in every way. The travel, meeting fans and winning games is an addicting feeling. 

What’s your favorite map?

Liam “Malta” Schembri – Honestly, as much as people hate on the map and complain it’s become stale I believe mirage is the most competitively designed map in circulation, it just plays so well with good opportunities for both teams to take map control creatively.

Simon “Sico” Williams – I like nuke simply because we’re good on it.

Christopher “Dexter” Nong – My favorite map would have to be Overpass, it has a good balance of every mechanic needed to play CS

What message do you have for your new fans?

Liam “Malta” Schembri – Just that we appreciate all the fans and we’ll be working hard to make sure our results do everyone proud, while still making the engaging (albeit sometimes silly) content we’ve always made while playing under Grayhound.

Oliver “Dick Stacy” Tierney – You guys are sick <creative expletive here>. Always appreciate the support and hopefully you guys enjoy following our journey with us.

Joshua “INS” Potter – We have some big ass shoes to fill in joining Renegades, hopefully we can make you all proud. Thank you 

Simon “Sico” Williams – To all the new fans, I’m very thankful for the support and love. Hopefully we can continue to build on the renegades aus cs legacy and be an international powerhouse.

Christopher “Dexter” Nong – Thanks for the support, I hope we can make you guys proud going into 2020, its going to be a big year for us. Cheers.

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