The Tyler1 Championship Is Back December 14th

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

For the third straight year, the Tyler1 Championship will be held during the off-season. Saturday, December 14th marks this year’s bout as teams will compete for a $50,000 dollar prize. The first day will feature teams playing in a best of three format, while the finals will be a best of five.

For those who don’t know about the Tyler1 Championship, it’s a tournament that’s open to the public. Any player who isn’t signed to an LCS team is welcome to enter. Only a certain number of teams however will actually get to compete. The teams that get to enter will be chosen based on the average LP of the five starting players. Registration is open until December 8th if you want to try your hand!

Our thoughts: I’m a big fan of this event. No, it’s not a LAN event. No, it doesn’t have the big budget production of the LCS. However, it’s a fan-run and Riot endorsed event that really underscores one of the great redemption stories in League of Legends. Tyler1 was once known as one of the most toxic players in League, and has now gotten his act together to the extent that he’s quickly becoming a brand ambassador for the company. Plus, it’s League of Legends in December when normally nothing is going on.

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