PUBG Crates Will No Longer Require Real Money To Open

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A recent developer’s letter from PUBG Corp has declared that in-game crates will soon no longer require real world money to open. Currently, players can earn both locked and unlocked loot crates by playing the game. An unlocked crate can be opened immediately for the cosmetic reward inside. A locked crate however requires a key to open, which can only be purchased for $2.50.

After extensive review of the value of their in-game items and what objects are being interacted with, PUBG Corp is making major changes. They found the value of their locked boxes to be very low, and thus not rewarding to the player. As such, all crates will be openable using BP, an in-game currency you earn by playing. These changes will be going into effect on December 18th.

Our thoughts: As a PUBG player, this is a good and necessary change. I have something like 20 locked crates just sitting around collecting dust. I don;t think this will bring anyone new to the game, but it might keep new players longer since they’ll feel properly rewarded. It does raise the question how the game will continue to make money.

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