What’s Your All Time Pokemon Dream Team?

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With Pokemon Sword and Shield officially upon us, we’ve been debating around the office. What is the best starting line-up of all time? Which 6 would you take to the Elite Four? We went around the office and asked our staff, but no legendaries were allowed! Here’s their responses.

Elite Trainer Nate

Nate took his time and thought out a well balanced comp that included some of his all time favorites.

  1. Kabutops
  2. Pelipper
  3. Swampert
  4. Alolan Raichu
  5. Metagross
  6. Salamence

Old Man Norris

Norris let his age show a bit on this one, picking his entire line up out of Gen 1!

  1. Vileplume
  2. Gyarados
  3. Jolteon
  4. Alakazam
  5. Gengar
  6. Charizard

Pokemaniac Robbie

Robbie decided to just be simple and pick his favorites. No need for worrying about what works.

  1. Decidueye
  2. Mimikyu
  3. Snorlax
  4. Espeon
  5. Milotic
  6. Garchomp

Drunkard Joe

We… we don’t know what happened here. But we don’t like it.

  1. Whalord
  2. Shuckle
  3. Shuckle
  4. Shuckle
  5. Shuckle
  6. Shuckle

Medium Ric

Ric decided to bust out his 3DS and see what his actual lineup looked like!

  1. Dragonite
  2. Blaziken
  3. Magneton
  4. Blissey
  5. Rampardos
  6. Tyranitar

Young Lass Chadd

Chadd isn’t concerned about function so much as form. He picked some of his favorites.

  1. Vulpix
  2. Luxray
  3. Toracat
  4. Umbreon
  5. Teddiursa
  6. Cubone

What about you?! What are your starting six? If you could take your dream team to the Elite Four, who would be in your squad?

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