Image: EA

The mighty continue to fall as the one time king of basketball games falters once more. NBA Live 20 is canceled and EA is putting the brakes on the series until the next gen.

EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, said that the game would be cancelled and and no new iterations of the NBA Live would release on current gen systems. This comes after a summer investor call where Wilson said the game would be delayed into late 2019. Wilson says EA have the still have support of the NBA and the NBA Player’s Association.

According to statements made to Polygon, an EA representative said the game is not being canceled for development reasons. But the cancellation further plays into the hands of 2K Games. NBA2K continues to have a virtual monopoly on basketball games and the 2K League (NBA 2K’s professional circuit) looks to further entrench that brand. This is also the third time that NBA Live has been cancelled outright in the past few years. Live ’12, ’13 and ’17 all never saw the light of day. The outlook for the series is not positive with cancellations over almost half a decade.

Source: Polygon