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We asked the important questions today like, could Virtual Reality save MMOs? Could an esports sitcom work? Plus, Mixer strikes again and signs Shroud!

Massively multiplayer online games are considered a dying breed of game right now, but could the success to their future be in virtual reality? Also, there are two major Tv networks that are developing esports sitcoms, but is the mainstream tv world ready to accept it? Plus, Mixer has struck again stealing away one of Twitch’s top streamers. This time Shroud jumps ship, one of the most popular Call of Duty streamers and he does so on the day the new Call of Duty releases.

Nate So, another huge, gigantic streamer has left Twitch and joined Ninja over on mixer as a Mixer exclusive. And I got to say, I was very surprised by this name. Shroud has joined the ranks of Mixer.

Robbie By the way, taking a look at Twitch Tracker. He was number one for current subs. He’s now number three. Can’t help but wonder if that’s because of this particular move here.

Nate Could be.

Robbie But master class!

Nate I mean, you know, Mixer is obviously being aggressive with their, you know, their tactics here.

Robbie They got him on the day the new Call of Duty comes out. Yeah. I’d say that they’ve got their tactics down.

Nate Yeah. I mean that’s I think master stroke getting him on the day the Call of Duty releases that way like you’re really maximizing you know, he’s the hype here.

Robbie He’s thee Call of Duty streamer. Is there anybody in Call of Duty that’s bigger than Shroud to your knowledge.

Norris There’s not many people bigger than Shroud. I can think of one. Oh yeah, Ninja…

Joe In first person shooters, in general, right. Whether it be, you know, PUBG or even Fortnite a little bit.

Nate Yeah. That’s the thing. That’s that’s where Shroud is is very known from, for those you know those in the audience that are like who’s the Shroud guy. He has been streaming for a long, long time and is uncannily good. Like, this is a dude whose skills are undeniable, has played pro at the pro level multiple times, but has since decided that wants to pursue streaming. Like Robbie, you had brought this up, one of the top subscribed two channels on Twitch.

Joe I would argue he is a little bit less charismatic than someone like Ninja was. I don’t think he has the same charisma.

Nate Yeah, he’s a little flatter.

Robbie He has way more skilled than Ninja.

Joe His ability to play can’t be denied.

Nate You know what? You know what? You know it is. He’s just he’s more deadpan. He’s more even. He’s not as excitable as some of the, you know, Ninjas of the world.

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